Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No Complaints Here

Apparently the Japan cycling federation paid the UCI $3m to get keirin in the olympics. Read the full story on the BBC's website.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Custom Kalavinka

Alex in CA sent this in. Custom-ordered from Mr. Tanabe at Kalavinka. They've stopped taking orders for a while so they can catch up. I've got a used one coming next week, though.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kazane Racing on China TV

One of China's state TV networks did a story on bike racing in the US and sent a crew to a small race in Blacksburg, VA. Watch here and you can see members of the Kazane factory team, including Stu Louder apparently trying to break his trainer. I can't figure out how to imbed it because everything is in Chinese.

Monday, July 21, 2008

kiyo in london

Eni in London bought this from the site in April.

new at keirinculture.com

NOS Superbe Pro 28 hole rear hub and used 36 hole NJS rear hub.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

new njs frames

i'm away from town right now but waiting for me are a few keirin frames and parts. should be 2 giro and a 3rensho, with panasonic, m-idea, and eimei to follow. also some parts like a NOS 28 hole Superbe Pro rear hub, used 36 hole Superbe Pro hub, used Sugino 75 cranks and Sansin hubset. It will all be posted Monday.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

new Kazane parts on the way

I've got a load of new Kazane parts on the way. They'll be here in about 2 weeks. Here's some of what's coming:
- Threaded chrome and black track forks. Only a few of each and I'll start taking pre-orders this week.
- Hubs - gold 32 and 36, black 28, and some more.
- Chains - new YBN chains. really nice track race quality chains.
- Chainrings - gold in all sizes.
- Cranks - silver and gold in all sizes.
- Carbon track wheels. 55mm deep tubular rims.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Is the Vandedrome back?

David Butterworth of Major League Cycling says so. Of course, not everything that his company plans comes true. This year the partnership with redroseraces fell apart and all of the racing in the Lancaster area went with it. Read about his plans for the track from out friends at fixedgearfever.com here.

Hopkins 3rd at Atlanta Festival of Speed

Kazane rider Jeff Hopkins took 3rd overall at the July 12 Festival of Speed at Atlanta's Dick Lane Velodrome. In addition to that, Jeff and partner Jay Wansley took 2nd in the Madison. Jeff rides a stock Kazane steel frame with the new Kazane carbon tubular wheels. View the complete results at the Dick Lane Velodrome website.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

road racing

Kazane does road frames and wheels, too. These two guys are on the Richmond-based factory team. This pic is by Hany Hosny and was taken at a crit in Roanoke, VA. The riders are Shawn Tunstall and Stu Louder. Both work as messengers in RVA.

No Brakes 7/6/8

results and report are here

from the archive

this is only from may, but it's a good picture of a Kazane in action. Kevin Dillard of demoncats.com took this at the Langley Speedway race in Hampton, VA. The rider is Rich Harper of Inferno Pro Cycling. Langley's a nice track. Longer and smoother than Richmond. Not as good as a velodrome but it's all we have.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

bomber pro

this is another case of me not getting a frame up on the website gallery. that's why we have this new blog. this is tan's bomber pro, located in oakland. it has an unusual "ARM" decal on it. not sure what it means. i have soft spot for bomber frames, and have a custom one of my own.


Logan in Boise sent me these a while back but I never got them up. It's his 3rensho purchased here last fall. the wheelset is dura 110 hubs with hoshi bladed spokes.

vogue build

This is a Vogue njs frames purchased from keirin culture a few months back, built with the usual suspects - nitto, da, sugino. one thing different about this frame is that i know the original owner. his name is mick, and he's an A-class racer from the omiya track. mick let me borrow his bridgestone road bike to do some training rides with keirin racers. i didn't see him last time i went over hope to next time.

Monday, July 7, 2008

kazane surf bike

Natas Kaupas sent me this pic of his Kazane bike. He's going to do a couple of custom paint jobs on some frames coming in. We'll have updates as they come. Check out his new designarium boards here.

welcome to the blog

Thanks for stopping by the new keirin culture blog. It's a much easier way to give updates on new products, races, events, and anything else. Look for interviews, up to the minute product updates, and exclusive keirin photos and updates. Feel free to send over any race fliers and reports for us to post.