Thursday, October 16, 2008

road wheels

the secret's out that we've got Kazane road wheels coming out next year. I've had a lot of people testing them for durability and they've done really well. In fact, out of about ten pairs on the road, not a single one has needed to be trued. They weigh about 1600 grams with Pillar bladed spokes (28/24) and ultralight Kazane hubs. Today was probably the ultimate test. Mike Stoop (Time Pro Cycling on the road/Altius for cross) has been riding them on his Alan cross bike for the last month or so. Today we took them out on the rooty singletrack of Explore Park outside of Roanoke, VA. After almost two hours on the trails at high speed they're still true. His road team will be racing on these next year.

Alan road and cross frames are in stock at the Keirin Culture shop in Roanoke. These are some of the last true Italian frames.

25mm deep alloy clincher rims, run with Challenge cross tires.

High flange rear hub for stiffness.

Low flange extra light front hub. The wheels will sell for $400. I have a few pairs for Shimano 10 in stock.
This is Mike with Gus the keirin culture mascot.

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