Tuesday, January 20, 2009

cranks and hubs finally in stock!

Kazane cranks and hubs are finally back in stock. Cranks are in silver, black, blue (new), purple, green and red. Hubs are back in red, blue, and black, with new colors green and silver. The green will be on the website tomorrow and is really nice. Gold cogs in 14, 15, and 19 are back in stock also. Order tonight and I'll ship in the morning.


Zac said...

How should I get in contact with you with questions about the Kazane framesets?

sd said...

just email njs(at)keirinculture.com or call the shop.

Joey Infortuno said...

Hi, I just ordered this crank in silver (order #1066) and also meant to purchase a fork. In 'My Account' it says the order is still pending... is there a way we can redo the transaction to combine/save on shipping costs?