Thursday, March 19, 2009

taipei update

haven't been able to really update from the show here. i only have access to a hotel public computer and can't upload pictures. I'll have pics later when i get back to va.
everyone is on the fixed-gear thing here. it seems that all of the booths have some lugged fixed-gear bike to show. it's hard to muddle through it all. i'm very happy with the builder of kazane frames and wouldn't dream of changing. it's a small builder (contrary to what some forums writers have said in the past), and it's other big customer is Toyo. Some Toyo frames are made in Japan, but most are made here and are really nice. I'll have some available later this year on my site. Nothing like the Kazane frames. Mainly I'll stock the single-speed lugged cross frame by Toyo.
There are a lot of new cranksets available, too. Some are vintage style. The new Kazane crank is going to be a lot smoother with a tighter chainline. We also might do some of the vintage style, too. My friend designed one that you'll probably see next year from a few brands. A new Kazane hub is in the works. Super smooth. Can't say more.
It's just really funny to see these bike business guys jumping on the fixed-gear thing so heavily. I overheard a conversation at a builder's booth from an American trying to source an alloy track frame. The guy was fat and clearly had no experience other than reading about it in Bicycle Retailer magazine. It'll be funny to see how these things actually ride when they're designed by someone who doesn't ride.
Other news - Kazane road and track forks are on the way. Also road wheels and frames. On the Keirin Culture side - look for 5 Stratos NJS frames next week.
pictures coming in a few days.

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paulnannie said...

SWeet! Cant wait to see the sew stuffs.
"Fat Guys Making frames"
My prediction; too heavy, not stiff enough, bad geometry.