Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I don't mean to hate but.....

"Outlier just launched their Merino Wool preorder. You know the drill by now. Hand made in NYC from premium merino wool, which is more environmentally friendly than cashmere and wont stink like hell after you wear it day after day after day."
-everybody knows where this came from.
I don't want to pick on people and/or companies, but just when the hell did cashmere even enter the equation in cycling clothes. Are they trying to fool us into believing that it's what we used to use? Maybe I'm just off the back and just don't know what people are wearing in the big city, but I doubt there's someone thinking, "man, this outlier hoodie is way less smelly than that cashmere hoodie I was thinking about buying, and it only takes 2/3 of my unemployment check to buy it rather than the whole thing!"
I'm not knocking anyone's purchasing decisions or the price of the hoodie. It's their business and I appreciate the fact that it's US-made out of an environmentally friendly material. I'm going to stop now.

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Cambridge said...

I know my cashmere chamois liner still smells as good as the day I bought it