Wednesday, July 15, 2009

News flash - Cannondale gets a new family member!

So Dorel just bought Ironhorse That gives Dorel the impressive lineup of Cannondale, GT, Mongoose and Schwinn. Ironhorse never was an impressive brand but at times had some decent mountain bikes. We all see where Schwinn has gone. When Dorel bought them they assured dealers that there would be two distinct lines - one for department stores and one for bike shops. All you see now are the crappy ones at Target. the bike industry is kind of like the car industry was before things fell apart. Big companies buy up smaller companies and kill the what made the smaller companies cool. I don't really care about Ironhorse, but this latest development kind of shows that the claim that Cannondale will be better doesn't really hold water.
For that I say "Adios, amigo." When I was in high school I mowed lawns to save up for a Cannondale 2.8 frameset. I was proud of it because I'd seen pictures of the PA factory it was made in, not like the Diamondback mountain bike it was replacing. Now, no more.


Braden said...

doood... it was Pacific that bought Schwinn and put them in the crapper. Dorel picked up Pacific later. And for the record the 2010 caad9s all say made in the U S of fuckin A (but that's because Taiwan forgot how to make a good aluminum frame right around the time Pinarello stopped putting in orders). Boo yah!

sd said...

Give it a year.