Wednesday, October 14, 2009

that's loyalty right there

sorry I've been mia on the blog. got hit with the sickness at a pretty busy point.
As, hn reported, Leader has a booth at Interbike. Strange since Interbike is a show for brands that sell through retailers rather than their direct ebay store. Well, I'm happy to say that Leader has picked up it's first re-seller and they've started off with a bang. Chari is now carrying Leader frames and Leader has rewarded them by undercutting Chari by almost $200.

I think Leader is sending a clear message to potential dealers.


Prolly said...

(leader's price is frame only - the fork is extra)

danarel said...

have you confirmed that they are selling it for the same price in store? some shops up their prices online because its more of a hassle to ship then to sell right in store.

and as john said, leaders price is frame only.