Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Finally a keirin culture bike made it on bikesnobnyc. It has nothing to do with the bike. It has more to do with the naked girl riding it. Here's the original story.

For proof here's a picture of the bike taken in the basement of my old apartment (formerly known as Keirin Culture World Headquarters, or the Pain Cave:
Unfortunately there were never any naked girls riding rollers in my basement. I'm happy for the new life that this Reminton went on to live. These frames all started as race bikes but after they go to their new homes in the US their stories are as varied as the paint jobs. Before I saw this, I thought the best thing that could happen would be that the frame returns to life on a velodrome. More often than that I'm asked to write up an insurance estimate because the bike has met an untimely end. At this point, though, I feel like a proud father watching his son's first DP scene in a porno movie.



Oh man thats me! I have put the Remy to good use. Now I am looking for another frame!!! Let me know if you have another gangster 49.5 for sale

doobs said...

where could one find that original image??