Friday, November 21, 2008

Hoppy interviewed on

Check out this interview of Jeff Hopkins on fixed gear fever. He's now retired from racing and working at Dick Lane Velodrome as well as a few other gigs like coaching and bike fits. I'm hoping to bring him up to Keirin Culture for a couple of days of fits next year. He knows his stuff. My favorite part of the interview is Scott referring to Jeff's track bike as a "rather basic steel bike." It's true. Just like road racers, track racers are super-obsessed with equipment even before they physically get to the point where that extra money will make a difference. On both fronts road and track) I'm all about the working class race bikes, and next season I'm sure a lot more people will come to my side. With the economy tanking I think some of these bike companies are going to regret pushing only $6000 bikes and neglecting the folks who can't afford that. The guys on the pro team I'm sponsoring will be riding a light aluminum Kazane frame built up with Kazane wheels and SRAM Rival. The whole bike will come in under $2k complete. Having a bike like that won't slow you down but it might free up enough cash to actually get to some races. Back to Hoppy, maybe more track racers should forgo Teschners and BT's in favor of something more affordable and use the money saved on a coach like Jeff.

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